We are a company dedicated to the forestry commercialization of precious woods and hardwoods from the tropics in the American market. We contribute to environmental sustainability for the products we commercialize are from Voluntary Plantations cultivated in Central American Countries, as well as natural forests exploited through duly approved management plans with an environmental impact of less than five percent (05% ). We encourage commercialization and economic sustainability based on our principles of good service, continuous improvement, honesty and commercial efficiency.


We strive to offer good quality lumber, from forests managed in accordance with the current regulations of the country, at a competitive price to provide the best service to our clients and create close relationships that allow us to contribute to our client’s growth.


To be a nationally renowned company, for the commercialization of sawn lumber and its derived products, for our good service and product quality. A company committed to the development of our clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders.


● Responsibility

● Honesty

● Commitment

● Respect

● Teamwork

● Continuos Improvement